Why Do Women Cheat?

You are told day in, day out, in popular entertainment and in popular culture, that men are dogs, men are pigs, men can’t be faithful, etc. On some level, men are genetically wired to want to spread their DNA around, ensuring a legacy for their line. That’s a very complicated way of saying that evolution makes us us want to have as many kids as we possibly can. And as you can imagine, that means that we don’t always stay true to a single, monogamous relationship.  That gives rise to talk about how men are dogs, and all that. But are women any better?

The fact is that women cheat just as often as men do. If you think about it, this makes sense. If all these guys are cheating, they must be cheating WITH someone, and often that person is no more single and unattached than the men involved.  Some weird double standard is at play in society when men are always called on the carpet for their sexual infidelities, but women get a pass. And then the same people who are always calling men “dogs” try to complain that society in general is not accepting enough of women’s sexuality (which is just silly).

So we know that your lady probably cheats as much as you will, or that you both have the same potential to be unfaithful. We know why men cheat: They like to have sex, and they like to have as much sex as possible. Look at Hugh Grant, who was with one of the most sexy women in the world, Elizabeth Hurley. He still decided to go ou and pay for the favors of a prostitute named Devine Brown (who had her fifteen minutes of fame because of it).  Hugh Grant’s impossibly awkward, embarassed mugshot was almost worth it all, and he handled the whole thing pretty well by going on late night talk television and admitting to all of it.

What he never really said was exactly what sent him out onto the street to pay for a BJ, though.  Was he sick of Elizabeth Hurley’s crap? You know that old joke: No matter how hot she is, somebody, somewhere, is tired of putting up with her grief. Was Hurley one of those women who doesn’t like to perform fellatio? Was Hugh just impulsive? We’ll probably never know, but it does stand to reason that he HAD a reason. He didn’t just wake up that day and decide to ruin his relationship with a beatufiul woman. There was some kind of motivation for his behavior.

Well, women who cheat have motivations for THEIR behavior too. If they cheat, there are reasons that they cheat. So what are they? Here’s a partial list.

1. There’s a chance you’ve let yourself go, and now you’re not as sexy to her as you once were. She therefore is looking for some action with a man who turns her on. Look, this is easy enough a trap for anybody to fall into. When we’re in a steady relationship we don’t feel the pressure to be attractive that we once did. We get comfortable and complacent. We exercise less and we eat more. Hell, for some men, having a girlfriend means they’re eating three meals a day all of a sudden, whereas they ate irregularly before.  So if your lady starts to stray, you’ve got to ask yourself if maybe that’s because you’re not the man you once were.

2. Another reason she might cheat is that you lack the energy to get the job done. You know those guys who are always too tired to have sex? A healthy man will always trade sleep for sex, but there are lots of reasons men get into these ruts where they are exhausted all the time.  Maybe you’re working a lot of overtime. Maybe you’re under a lot of stress. Maybe you have some health problems you need to address, which is something that happens to all of us as we get older. If you can’t physically get the job done, that is one very major reason she might go somewhere else to get what she wants.

3. Another really big justification for her cheating is if she thinks you’re cheating on her.  Maybe you are, and maybe you aren’t. It doesn’t actually matter whether you are cheating or being faithful. If she THINKS you are stepping out on her, she will take that as license to do the same.  Now, this requires you to look very hard at your relationship.  If she cheats on you out of revenge, because you are not faithful, you don’t have much cause to complain.  It’s only fair, right?  But on a deeper level, you need to ask yourself if this relationship is really what you want.  After all, if you were really happy, would you feel the desire to cheat?  Maybe it’s time to reevaluate the whole relationship. If she is cheating, she probably feels the same way.

4. Sadly, another reason women cheat is because they are bored with you.  Are you interesting?  Or are you the kind of guy who just isn’t very stimulating? If you’ve fallen into a rut, if you’re the kind of guy who goes to work, comes home, spends the evening playing video games, and then goes to sleep, you’ve got to ask yourself: Why WOULD your lady be interested in you at all? If you’re boring her, she’s got to reason to stay with you. Worse, if you are boring her, she is going to fall for the first guy who has a hint of mystery and excitement to him.  Having an affair will be her escape from boredom. She will be looking to get away from you and from a relationship that doesn’t stimulate her.

You’ve got to work on yourself to keep your lady interested in you. Of course, you have another option, and that is spending time in the company of a beautiful, professional escort. That’s up to you.



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