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Raina is one of the newest escorts on our staff, and one of the sexiest. Her fresh, young look has made her very popular among our clients and also a favorite of her fellow staff members. Raina is vivacious, curved in all the right places, and a world-class stunner of a lady who can blow any man’s mind.

“Back when I was in school,” Raina explains, everything I did for fun there, including swimming, cheerleading, running, everything was something about my body, something to do with expressing my joy in my body.  I’ a young, sexy girl and I know it. I’m as toned and hot as a young woman gets. Men look at my body and they see an innocent, fresh girl. I enjoy that. It makes me me sexy and valued. And as far as I’m concerned, I’m just starting out in all this. The more I do, the more I learn, the more I want.  I’m actually obsessed with being sexy and with dressing up to please a man.  But when it comes right down to it, I’m not doing that first because I like men.  I mean, yes, I adore men.  What attractive woman would not?  Everything about men is wonderful, including the way they lavish attention on you when they find you sexy and interesting.  I’ve heard it said that it’s hard to dislike somebody who likes you.  Well, it’s hard to resent the attention of men who find you incredibly sexy and interesting.  That’s what life is all about, right, finding someone to be with, someone to spend the time with, and finding ways to spend the time.  From the time we are born to the time we die, that’s how our fellow human beings seem to spend their time.  What’s a video game except a way to waste time away during the years you’re waiting around to die from old age?  And look, I realize that’s kind of a heavy thing to say. But it’s how I feel. We only ahve so much time in this life. I’m young enough that that I have my whole life ahead of me, and I’m just learning to enjoy the sexy, fun, thrilling side of my love life.  But we all need to find a way to spend the years we’ve got left to us, right?  And everyone knows that it’s more fun to spend your years with someone than to spend them alone.  It’s awfully hard to have sex without another person, except for the obvious.  So, I say, find someone to love, and hold on to them, and keep them with you to help you pass the time.  The more fun you have while you’re here, the more you win at the game of life.  And that really is all it is.  It’s just a great game.”

Raina is a firm believer in the value of sleep as a restorative. “Napping is very important to me,” she says. “To be perfectly honest, I admit I’m kind of obsessed with getting enough sleep.  I read once, a long time ago, that sleep is the single biggest factor in helping your body rejuvenate itself.  In other words, if you get enough rest, if you spend enough time sleeping, you stay younger, longer.  Another factor is hydration, so I make sure to drink enough water.  But mostly I just relish sleep.  I make sure that my bed is always comfortable, and I keep the mattress changed regularly so it doesn’t get old and lumpy like older mattresses do.  I make sure that my room is always the ideal temperature, and I schedule plenty of time to sleep.  It’s amazing how much of a difference getting proper rest can make when it comes to your daily attitude. That’s why I strive always to approach each new day like the beautiful gift that it is. How wonderful is it just to wake up and know that you have a new day, full of potential, to do things with?  The day we stop being grateful for that is the day we don’t deserve each new day.  I try always to keep a good attitude because that means I can get the most out of that daily potential. And the escort lifestyle is perfect for me because it’s basically a non-stop party.”

Raina is very focused on fantasies and on fulfilling them.  “When I talk to a man, when I share my fantasies with him,” she says, “I can turn him on land drive him wild without ever laying a finger on him.  I think it’s very sexy to have that kind of imagination, that kind of ability.  Anyone with practiced fingers can make a man feel turned on and then make him feel good because she’s got her hands on him.  But could you do that with just your voice? Is your imagination up to the task of figuring out, as you talk to a man, what he likes?  Could you read his reactions and know if you were taking him down the wrong road, or if you were getting him revved up so that you can drive him wild?  Men are pretty on and off creatures, pretty binary.  They are either not interested, or they are interested, and if you can hook them, you will have their full attention.  For a red-blooded American man, there is nothing more important than the world than the attention of a beautiful woman.  And once he has that, once he is engaged in speaking to her, once he’s exploring her and thinking about her and fantasizing about her, that exchange between two people is one of the most powerful exchanges between two human beings.  I think as long as we always acknowledge and recognize that, as long as we always know that we should give in to that smoldering heat between two people, we’ll always have the opportunity to engage others on a level that they find sexually and physically fulfilling. I really do.”





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