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Penelope is an incredibly sexy lady who can find a fantastic party anywhere in the city, whenever the occasion calls for it. “When you want to party, when the urge to get down comes over you, you just have to go for it,” she says. “There really is no other way to live your life. I believe in giving in to the urge of passion whenever the wave hits me. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to get to know all the people on the local party scene. If there’s something going on, I want to find out about it. I want to be connected. I want to be the girl that everyone thinks of when they think of a good time.”

Penelope applies this cheerful optimism to every aspect of her life. “If I wanted to look back and be bitter,” she says, “I could be. I could just curl up into a ball and blame everybody else for my problems. Do those kinds of complaints every solve anything? Does being miserable all the time ever help anybody? You’ve got to be cheerful in this world. You’ve got to hold your head up and be proud of who you are and what you do. Nobody is the boss of you. Nobody can make you be anybody you don’t want to be. Some people claim they have no choice. Well, everybody has a choice, about every single thing they do. It’s just that not everybody wants to face the consequences of their actions. When you are willing and able to do that, to embrace it, you are truly an empowered human being, man or woman.”

What’s more, Penelope is very focused on the different needs that different types of men have, choosing to spend her time practicing everything from her conversational technique to her amateur pole-dancing moves. “Is there anything sexier, for a man, then when a half-naked girl gives him a private performance?” asks Penelope. “I don’t mean in like a strip club. I’m not talking about lap dances or that kind of thing. I mean when you’re with a man, and you dance, just for him, where only the two of you can see. He watches you move your body, and thinks about all the things he wants to do to you. Doesn’t that just blow your mind, just picturing it? It’s always been one of my fantasies, and I act it out whenever I get the chance. Life is too short not to indulge yourself in these kinds of things.”

Penelope also prides herself on being a good listener. “I think listening to a man is very important,” she says. “I like knowing that he’s opening up to me, because a man who opens up his deepest desires, his innermost secrets, is giving you a part of his soul. That’s a much more incredible gift than any gold or diamond jewelry. It’s something so much more personal than just a present, just something that you buy in a store. It’s like the difference between a greeting card you buy in a drugstore and something that is hand-written with real sentiment. I don’t know about you, but when someone takes the time to really personalize something for me, really invest it with a part of themselves, I completely melt. I just want to be held and to give myself to that man. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

On a less serious note, Penelope admits that the games she likes to play in bed can range from naughty to nice… and a few things in between. “I’m all about sex toys,” she admits, blushing a little. “The more powerful, the bigger, the better. It isn’t that my man isn’t good enough for me, or that I need more than he can provide. I just like to tease myself. I like to see how many different ways there are to experience pleasure. It’s a great thrill. There’s nothing like combining the use of toys like that with the kinds of games two couples can play in bed, teasing each other and pleasing each other all at the same time. I get so turned on by stuff like that I can’t stand it.”

Being incredibly toned is something Penelope takes for granted. “I love the feeling of sculpting my body through exercise and good fitness,” she says. “But I am going to be completely honest. What I like is how that makes men look at me. When you know the second you show some skin, every guy who walks past you is going to try to look when you don’t see, or hope you don’t notice, or just go ahead and stare and not care if you know he’s looking… how can you not be intoxicated by that? Being toned, being healthy, being sexy, it makes you so powerful. It makes you the best version of yourself you can be.”

“Most people don’t understand what it means to be a truly wild child, to be dedicated to that as a lifestyle,” says Penelope. “I live life on the edge, all the time. I like to be spontaneous and I like to be unpredictable. When I’m with someone, I want them to wonder, every minute, where things are going. I want them to ask themselves, ‘How can this end up?’ The more curious and interested my date is, the more curious and interested I become. I think it’s incredibly sensual and erotic to be with someone who makes you, not afraid, but just at the edge of fear with anticipation. There’s a fine line. If blondes have more fun, I’m the blondest. I like to walk right up to the edge of something amazing and scary, then back off just enough. I want always to live like that. I love the electric feel that goes through every inch of my body.”

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