Fiction Break: Eroticon, Part 3 of 3

After a nervous morning spent greeting fans, wondering if the missing models would show up, Kimberly forced herself to leave her table and make her way to the dressing rooms by the stage.  Bryon was there, looking more nervous than ever.  As soon as he saw her, he looked only pleased.  They stood for a moment more and something passed between them unsaid.

“You came,” he said.

“Have you…got something for me to wear?”  Bryon nodded and handed her a teddy and robe ensemble in red silk.  It would cover her without scandal.


The show went quickly, once she brought herself to do it.  Bryon did the announcing and the two Fashion Fantasy models, Sasha and Chip (she suspected the buff Chip was gay) walked them through it.  Kimberly wore heels with her outfit and was sure to be a hit with the press, who expended plenty of film and flash batteries covering this feature angle.  “Romance Writer Takes to the Runway.”  She could hear the headlines now.

True to his word, Bob was there, as was Ron, both of them wearing bikini briefs in silly prints.  Chip wore something that looked like bondage gear, while the lithe, Auburn-haired Sasha wore a g-string and what looked like colored gauze.  Ellen, striking in an elaborate bustier-and-garter-belt-affair, drew plenty of whistles and photographs.  She seemed to be enjoying herself immensely.

Bryon list interest when his sister Andrea took the stage in a leopard-print bodysuit, but he’d been riveted to every moment of Kimberly’s walk down the runway.  Kimberly watched from backstage, as did Ellen and Bob.  The muscular chocolatier couldn’t take his eyes off Andrea, while Ellen seemed to be ogling everyone.


The rest of the day was a blur.  The five new friends, having bonded quickly – how many new friends meet and see each other in lingerie within hours? – met for coffee that afternoon, where they laughed and told stories in the hotel’s café.  Bryon hurried to meet them for what turned out to be a late lunch when the convention closed for the day.

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am,” he gushed, shaking hands and embracing them all.  He lingered while hugging Kimberly, who didn’t mind at all.  “There’s a party in one of the private rooms on the second floor, something Fashion Fantasy was planning to have.  They’re still not back from the border.  I’d hate to see all that food and wine go to waste.  Join me?”

“Certainly,” Ellen purred.  She sat close to Ron, who had gotten quite comfortable with her.  Andrea and Bob had their hands on each other’s thighs under the little café table.

The rest of the night was all wine and laughter and Bryon sitting closer and closer to Kimberly.  Before she knew it, she was more than a little drunk – and back in her hotel room with him.

“Bryon,” she sighed.  He was a little drunk, too, and almost overwhelmed by the presence of her.

“You set me on fire,” he said softly, taking he in his arms and pressing her to him.  “I’ve wanted to kiss you since I first saw you today,” he breathed.  He pressed his lips to hers, their tongues meeting, electricity coursing through their bodies.  It was the most sensual kiss Kimberly had ever experienced.  It was the most incredible first kiss Bryon had ever felt.

“Oh, Bryon,” Kimberly moaned.  “Your lips are sealed with mine.  I’ll keep your secrets forever.  Make love to me.”

He was on her then, pulling her clothes off forcefully but tenderly.  She pulled at his shirt, probably popping a button or two.  He didn’t seem to notice.

“Let me cover you with my love,” Bryon murmured, lost in the moment.  “I would do anything for you, Kimberly.”

They kissed again, Kimberly losing herself in the smell of him, the warmth of him, the strength of him.


“I’ve been a naughty girl,” Ellen purred, bent over the hotel bed with her arms tied to a loop in the frame.  The soft fabric binding her wrists to the bed was a belt from one of the hotel robes.  Behind her, Ron slapped one large hand against her bare bottom.  She moaned and he spanked her harder.

“Not like it’s a game,” Ron warned, firmly in control.  “You were bad.  I saw you staring at Sasha.  You dirty, lovely little vixen.  Now, say it!”  He spanked her again.

“I’m a bad girl,” Ellen said, whimpering.  “Please, I won’t fight.”

“You won’t,” Ron said, “because I possess you.  I am in control.”

“Yes.  You are in control.”  Ellen could feel the sexual heat building inside her as she struggled, open and vulnerable to anything he might do to her.

“Tell me.  Ask me for it.”

“Please, Ron,” she begged.  “Take me from behind, any way you want me.  I’m so sorry I was bad.”

“That’s more like it,” he said.  He was hard and consumed with desire for her.  She was wet and ready as he entered her, slowly filling her.  She moaned loudly and then squealed with delight as he pressed two fingers into her bottom, slowly teasing her as he stroked deep between her legs with his manhood.

“Oh, Ron,” she whispered.  “You know just how to make a woman… love…”


The hot tub in Bob’s room rumbled and burbled to sudden silence, its automatic timer spent.  Bob, his muscles glistening in the water, looked over at Andrea.  She was incredibly hot.  Bob did fairly well for himself; the gym was something of a meat market, and he was no slouch in the looks department.  Andrea, for all her beauty, was also different.  He’d enjoyed very much just talking to her that afternoon, and the runway show had been hilarious fun.  He’d seen her before, of course, because she was Ellen’s best friend and they’d been in the shop together – but he’d never gotten close to her like this.

She’d agreed to come back to his room for a relaxing soak in the tub and hadn’t hesitated to shed her clothes.  Now they stared at each other in open admiration.

“You have a beautiful body,” he told her.

“So do you.  But it’s too far away.” She smiled at him.

Bob needed no further encouragement.  He went to her, his body stirring a small wave that threatened to spill over the sides of the hot tub.  Andrea embraced him as he came to her, his lips pressing against hers, her firm breasts rubbing against him, nipples going hard with desire and the cool air above the water.

“Bob,” she said.  “I really… I really like you.”

“It’s more than that,” he breathed into her open mouth, his lips wet with her kiss.  “Do you…”

“Yes!  I want you.  I want you in me.”

She was trembling with desire, ready for him.  Bob lifted himself up slightly, pressing her body against the smooth wall of the tub, entering her in one swift, powerful thrust.  Andrea gasped and bit her lower lip, her fingers clawing into his shoulders.  He was large, almost painfully so, and she reveled in the feeling of him owning her and pleasuring her.

“Bob,” she squealed as he began to move back and forth.  Water splashed out of the tub with each push.  She didn’t care, she couldn’t feel anything or care about anything except Bob in her.

“Yes!” she cried.  “Yes, yes, yes!”


Bryon lay naked on the bed, Kimberly wearing only the lace panties she’d put on that morning.  She knelt over him as he lay on his back, her tongue whipping over the head of his member.

“Kimberly,” he moaned.  “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.  I want you… I want to know everything about you…”

“Shhh,” she smiled, putting her finger to her lips before she put her lips back on him.  She took him deep into her mouth, enjoying the hot thickness of him filling her.  When she could stand it no longer and sensed that he could not either, she shifted to straddle him, his manhood stiff and waiting for her.

“Kimberly,” Bryon moaned again.

“Bryon,” she smiled, almost in tears with joy.  She lowered herself onto him, feeling him hard and inside her, thrusting deep as he raised his hips and she arched her back in pleasure.    He reached up and cupped her breasts, running his hands down to her firm, flat stomach as she bucked and rode with him, enjoying every bit of him as she moved in time to his strokes.  They were both so intoxicated with each other that it was over quickly in a burst of consuming pleasure and passion, Kimberly collapsing on top of his chest.

“I love you,” he whispered to her.

She smiled, her eyes closed, seat beading on her body.  She slept and dreamt of him.


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