Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does this cost?
A. Our prices vary depending on what it is that you are trying to put together. The best way to find out what you are looking at is to give us a call and let us know when and where we are needed. First, take a look at the girls and read their profiles and that will give you an idea of where to go with the date. Then, pick a date and time and call us. We will let you know exactly what happens next and what we need from you. It is that simple and it is that easy.

Q. This is new to me, how does it work?
A. It is simple and easy. Our girls work for you or for a party. They are escorts, but because they are working in a more intimate environment, there is a lot more fun involved. Things are usually a little different if there is more than one person, but that is not always the case. The companionship, dances and games are fun and intimate and tipping is encouraged to make the most fun out of everything. There is no reason not to make a whole night of it and to have a very good time.

The process starts with your contact. You can either call or use the internet. It is expected that you have a girl picked out and they are all different. If do not have to choose, we can choose for you, but the process is best when you know what it is that you want. There is nothing to be shy about and questions are encouraged. If you want to know something, then come right out and ask. We have been in this business for a very long time and we have heard it all.

The best course of action is not to be shy. We are not shy and our girls are not shy. If they were, then they would be doing something else for a living. They are professionals and take most of their cues from you and what you ask. If you do not give any insight into what it is that you want, they will still make the night fun, but they are guessing at a lot of things. Not to worry, most shy guys perk up after a few minutes and start joining in the fun.

Q. Is this a safe thing to do?
A. There are two ways to look at safety. We want to keep our girls safe and we want you to be safe. We will not put our employees, that means our girls or any of our staff into harm’s way. If we feel that a situation is not safe, then we will not put them there or we will immediately remove them from the situation. We are always around and we let our girls know that if anything goes awry to contact the authorities.

That being said, the same is true for you. Our girls are having fun, but they are professionals and they are fully trained in spotting a situation that is going south. We do this to keep you safe also. Despite what some profiles may say, we have fully checked and rechecked every girl before we put you alone with them. They are not there to make you uncomfortable or to harm you in any way. You are as safe with them as with any other woman and you are going to be fine. If something that a girl does is more than you want, tell them immediately and they will back off.

Q. What about discretion?
A. Only you will know that you have ordered an escort. If you happen to be married or in some situation that can be compromised by ordering an escort, then it is up to you to tell or not tell. We do not judge and we are not in the marriage counseling business. All of our charges can be paid with cash if you choose to and if you do use a credit card, then the charges appear as our DBA and not as “strippers dot com” or anything like that. The girls do their job and go home at night, like any other person and they are not going to “kiss and tell”, so to speak.

Your information is also safe with us. We do not sell your information to any other business, we do not trade your information and we do not use your information in marketing in any way. The only way that you will hear from us is if you contact us. Once your business is handled and over, we will not contact you in the future unless you specifically ask us to. That being said, you are responsible for your own actions and if there is alcohol involved, we encourage you to wait until the next morning before texting everyone or hitting Facebook with the pictures of your party.

Q. Are pictures OK?
A. It is between you and the girls as to whether you can take pictures or video. The majority of the time it is fine, but you need to ask first and then act. This is a business and like any other business we respect the rights of our employees. If one of our girls is not comfortable with pictures, then that is her business and we will back her up 100%.

If the girl agrees that a video or picture is OK to be taken, then it is also up to her whether you can share it or not. In this age of technology, it is too easy for a picture to go viral. If she says you can take a picture, great if she says you can put it whether you want it, also great. If she says no, then no means no.

Q. Is this legal?
A. OK, it is something that goes through everyone mind, so here it is. We respect the laws of the United States and of Arizona. You cannot in Phoenix pay for sexual favors or trade in any way for them. We are sending you a fun girl that is willing to play all kinds of games and that is what you paid for. However, what happens between you are her on a personal basis is not our concern, provided that she is willing and all of the applicable laws are adhered to.

That means that you paid a girl to come to you and perform private modeling. That also means that there are games that go along with the show and they can be intimate to the extent the law allows. If, in the course of business, you and the girl hit it off and something happens at some point, that is between you and her. We stay out of business that is not ours. Follow the law and both our company and the law will leave you alone.

Q. Respect?
A. You may not have asked and this may have been covered by a previous question, but it bears repeating and clarification. Be respectful and be kind. This is not a Turkish bar and there are limits to what is fun. No pinching, no grabbing, no forcible anything, act as a gentleman and no trying to take things where they should not go. For one thing, the girls are paid to come to your location and we make sure that the location is safe first. They are advised and it is just common sense that your show is limited to that location. Do not try to take the girls anywhere, they will not leave with you. The girls are paid to have fun and they will. They do like you and they are friendly girls. However, do not mistake that good humor with something more. They do not want to run away with you and they are not going to marry you. Just have a good time and let nature take its course. She is not the love of your life, she is a well-trained and talented entertainer.

If you show respect, you will receive it in return. If you go too far, your night can end quickly and your money will not be returned. This is not a scam or a way to take your money. We are sure that the girls will warn you more than once. If it is a guest of yours that is getting out of control and they refuse to get it together, it is better that you ask them to leave, rather than destroy the fun for everyone. It is our policy to never return to a place that had to be cut short because of poor behavior. We will not tell you more than once to stop something and we will not refund your money if you cannot act like an adult and respect our girls. We consider them to be a family and we will protect them from such displays. That does not mean that you cannot have fun, simply know where the line is and make sure that you stay on the right side of it. If you are unsure, the girls will let you know when you are about to cross the line.

Q. Two Girls? Three?
A. As said before, we do judge a situation before sending the girls into it, but if all is kosher, then the more the merrier. Let us know what you need ahead of time and there will not be any confusion. We have no problem sending out more than one girl, but we may not be able to get a second girl to you on the night in question. If you ask for one girl, she will show up. If you suddenly want another girl too, then that depends on availability.

The only thing that will hold you back from having the entire staff over is the amount of room you have to host the party. We are waiting, but no one has, as of yet, hired all of the girls at one time. There have been several that have brought four girls to a party and there have been a few that have taken three girls on the town with them, but there is still no one that has taken all of our girls to a party or out and about. We wait because we know it is just a matter of time before someone wants to be the talk of the town and take them all on at one time. Are you man enough for this challenge? We just might even throw in one for free if you are willing to go that extra mile for mankind and prove once and for all that it can be done.

Q. Can I Come to You?
A. No, we are not equipped to handle a party here and it is not as exciting as you may think. This is an office and you will find nothing here but computers and files. We do not have the space to host your party here and the coffee is, usually, a little old. However, if you are unsure where to have your party, we have been around here for a while and can make suggestions based on budget and need. We know how to throw a party and we have, several times.

The most fun that you can have is in your own office, home, room or whatever. You stay where you are comfortable and let us come to you. Trust us, this is simply not the most exciting place on earth. If you are from out of town, then we know all the hotels and in addition to that we know all the hot spots. We know that once you see our girls in action, you will know a few hot spots of your own. Once you call us, we can not only get the girls to come and see you, but perhaps we can arrange a fun night on the town with a gorgeous girl on each arm. You will be that mysterious guy from out of town that sweeps in overnight and take all the girls. You will be the talk of the town and your business contacts will never fail to be impressed. Rest assured, there will be no doubt that you are the one they want to do business with. Plus, our girls are of the highest level of professional and it will not appear arranged in any way.

Q. Parties?
A. We do parties and they are one of the most popular parts of our business. We are here to have fun and there is nothing more fun than a party. The key to making the party work is having the right number of girls. One girl can simply not be as much fun to thirty guys as she can to three. We only ask that you think about the party ahead of time and let us know what it is that is going on. We are not trying to take extra money out of your pocket, but we do not want anyone to be disappointed when there is simply not enough girls to go around. Understand that this is likely the only time that you will ever put together a party of this type and spend the money that is necessary to make it happen right.

We are fully prepared to work with you and we are ready and willing to talk you through the process. The key is to contact us and let us know that exact type of party and what it is that you want to happen there. There is also a difference between you taking a couple girls to a party to impress everyone and you hosting a party where you want the girls to do some private modeling. Also, let us know whether you want the girls to be a secret(impress the guys and family) or even a surprise for the party goers and we will make this happen for you.

Q. Are any of the girls interested in other women?
A. This is a question that we get a lot and yes, there are a few of our girls that like both guys and gals. Check the profiles and within that information is the answer. The best fun may just be you and two of our bisexual girls. That is a party waiting to happen. Read the profiles and you will get the whole idea of who the girls are and what they are all about. Each and every girl is a very different breed of girl and they will all make you happy in their own special way.

Q. I’m still not sure if I’m ready to hire an escort.
A. That’s perfectly understandable. Plenty of people who have considered hiring an escort chicken out or get “cold feet” at the last minute. For some, it’s a big decision, because it represents turning their backs on everything they’ve been told about the escort profession and about how “polite society” behaves. You’ve probably been told for as long as you can remember that escorts are some kind of sleazy women of ill repute, and that you shouldn’t associate with such people for fear of being stigmatized — or worse, ripped off in some way. But the reality of a reliable, professional escort service like ours is much different than anything you may have heard. We are a reputable, legal company that provides high-quality companionship to men who want to spend time with some of the most beautiful women in the area. Our escorts are professional entertainers who are skilled and experienced at providing you with a great time in their company. They are devoted to client satisfaction in all things, and will gladly walk you through the process if you have never hired an escort before. In fact, they’ll do everything possible to put you at ease and help you relax so that you can enjoy spending time with a beautiful woman.

We will help you before the booking, too; if you have questions about how any of this works, and you’re not sure how to handle the process, just contact us through our website. Our professional, helpful staff will do everything necessary to give you all the information you require to make informed decisions about the escort process. No matter what you’re interested in, no matter what you’re curious about, we can help you. If you have questions, concerns, or other issues that you want addressed before you make the decision to book with us, that’s no problem. Just let us know so that we can take care of it for you. We will not only provide you with the best feminine companionship that you’ve ever experienced, but we will also show you that we are worthy of your time and your money. We know that you work hard and that you are a busy person. The fact that you’re considering spending some of your precious leisure time with us is no small thing, and we are very appreciative of that fact.

We take very seriously every client who comes to us. While you cannot physically visit us (all of our clients work with our escorts on an outcall basis) we still want to treat you as we would any member of a larger community with shared purpose. We are your premier outlet for female companionship in the Phoenix area. That means we are your passport to a good time — something better than average, and something you have not experienced before. Some hesitation is understandable if you have never booked an escort before. We can help you.

Q. How long should I book my escort for?
A. The time for which you book your escort depends on precisely what it is you want to do when you’re out with your lovely young lady. Are you planning on going out for dinner, drinks, dancing, and the usual time on the town? If that’s the case, a few hours should be sufficient to do all that, so that’s how long you would book your escort. Is there some other specific social occasion, or a business event whose duration you know, that is longer than a few hours? That would naturally be the time you would book your date for. Our young ladies are happy to accompany you to a variety of different social functions and business occasions. They are skilled in how to behave in different settings, too, and they know how to make you look good no matter what. Whether you want your lovely lady to blend into the background and just make you look good, or you want your young woman to showcase her company and make you look like a star, your professional escort can handle that. She will never embarrass you and she will always make you look better than you would alone. Every one of our professional entertainers is prepared to handle a variety of different venues and scenarios. She just needs to know what sort of time you want to have, so she knows how to dress and how best to conduct herself.

Q. Can I book from out of town?
A. Yes, you can book your escort from out of town. As long as you know when you’re going to be here in the Phoenix area, you can arrange for one of our lovely ladies to meet you somewhere in the city or its environs. Obviously you have to be here to use our service, but if you know you’ll be traveling through Phoenix, we would be happy to put together the particulars for you. Nothing spices up a visit to the Phoenix area quite like a visit with our incredible girls!

Q. Can I book at the last minute?
A. While some of our clients prefer to book ahead of time so they can ensure the selection they want, we understand that you can’t always make an appointment for when you want to have the charming company of a beautiful woman. That’s totally okay! We are always happy to accommodate last-minute, spontaneous requests. When you want a sexy lady by your side, just contact us and we’ll work to make it happen. You will be happy with the sexy girl we hook you up with. You’ll love our sexy, charming ladies!

Q. Can I extend my booking while I’m on it?
A. We are always happy to get this question. If your date is going very well, then yes, it may indeed be the case that you can extend the booking to make it last even longer. Provided your sexy lady has no other obligations on her calendar immediately following her booking with you, she will be more than happy to spend additional time with you. We are always thrilled to see our clients making connections with our Phoenix escorts, and whenever possible we do what we can to facilitate that.

Q. What sorts of social events can I take my escort to?
A. You can take your escort to just about any social event where you might want a beautiful woman to be your date. If you want to go out and enjoy her company — because who doesn’t enjoy spending time with a beautiful girl — then you can take her on a regular date. You can also have her as your date (your escort, naturally) for any number of parties, social occasions, business events, and absolutely anything else where being with a beautiful girl would make you happy or make you look good. Your escort can make herself available for just about anything, from formal to casual. Our girls love to dress up for formal events, and they are just as happy to keep it social and easy. Whatever the event, though, you can trust our ladies to treat you with respect and to make you look good. They will always help you, never embarrass you, and always make your time together better. This is the beauty and advantage of our fantastic escorts. Every one of our gorgeous girls enjoys meeting new people and spending time with them.

Q. What makes my Phoenix escort a better choice?
A. Phoenix escorts are a better choice because, unlike amateur women (women you meet socially), they are trained professionals who are skilled and experienced at making sure their companions are kept happy. A Phoenix escort puts you first in all things, ensuring your satisfaction when the two of you spend time together. She will be focused on you in all things, which makes a huge difference in your enjoyment of the booking. Taking a Phoenix escort out on the town, or spending quiet time with her, is unlike any social date you have ever been on.

Q. Should I worry about people knowing I hired a Phoenix escort?
A. There’s no reason to worry because nobody will ever know if you don’t tell them, but please understand that WE understand how you feel. So many of our friends and coworkers don’t understand what it means to hire a Phoenix escort because they are still stuck in the old paradigm of traditional, social dating. They haven’t yet reached the conclusion that you have — that traditional dating is a waste of time and money. Phoenix escorts represent a better way to get the female companionship you desire.

Q. Can I get together with my favorite Phoenix escort socially?
A. It depends on what you mean by getting together socially. You can certainly book a Phoenix escort any time you want for whatever social occasion. Our ladies are skilled, experienced professionals when it comes to making you look good in any social setting. However, if you mean you would like to get together with your Phoenix escort outside of a normal booking, as in seeing her socially the way you would date socially, then this is not possible. Our ladies are available only through regular bookings, and not outside that structure.

Q. Can I text or email my favorite Phoenix escort ahead of time?
A. For safety reasons, we ask that you contact your Phoenix escort through us, the booking agency. It is not possible to speak to or text our Phoenix escorts until arrangements have been made for your booking, no. This ensures the safety and security of our ladies as well as for you. By keeping everything professional, we make sure that everyone is happy with the booking — before, during, and after. We are always geared towards making you happy.