At Phoenix Lucky, we strive to offer you the finest and sexiest women in the entire city. We take the time and effort to find the hottest babes with the physical attributes that men crave so that you do not have to. All you need to do is give us a call or send us an email and some quality time with one of our lovely ladies could be yours!

Our process to find these delectable females is not a secret but it is very selective. As you can imagine, we have found that there are many women who want to be a Phoenix Lucky escort. In fact, we have far more applications for our positions than we could ever have a need for. Another thing that sets us apart is that we tend to find our escorts ourselves rather than to cull them from our pool of women who come to us.

We are very particular about the ladies that grace our website and that represent our company. This is why we typically find what we are looking for through our own efforts instead of when they come to us. Of course, all of our escorts have to possess breathtaking beauty. That should go without stating. What you won’t find here at Phoenix Lucky though is women that all look alike

We know that while men love a hot body with huge firm breasts, small waist, long endless legs and a grabbable ass, they also want variety in how their women look. Each of our escorts will have all the best physical attributes that you expect from the most gorgeous women in the greater Phoenix area but we make sure to choose a large variety so that our clients and their desires are satisfied.

You can find flirtatious brunettes, charming redheads and sweet blondes in our roster of Phoenix’s hottest escorts. From tall and leggy escorts with sleek and supple bodies to tiny and petite women with their features in all the right places, at Phoenix Lucky you will find lots of ladies that get your engines roaring to life.

There is no doubt about it, we – like our clients – place a very high premium on the physical beauty of our escorts. We can promise you that you will never be browsing through our selection of sensual models and wonder “How did THAT girl ever get to be an escort?” Each of our beauties is a head-turner in her own right and has a presence that grabs the attention of everyone – men and women – everywhere she goes.

In spite of how important the physical beauty of our escorts is, we demand more of them than that. Each of our escorts has the type of personality that enables them to be comfortable in nearly any situation that they might experience. Because you customize your experience with our escorts, they need to be able to navigate the largest social events – such as opening night at a highly anticipated unveiling – to the most intimate setting involving just the two of you.

You will find that you won’t need to coddle your escort when you two are out together. She will be able to hold her own in conversations – with or without you there. Conversely, there will be no awkward pauses in conversation when the two of you are alone together either. Our escorts are well-read, up to date on the latest happenings in the city, the country and the world and have interests that spans a wide range.

Engaging and charming are two of the most popular phrases that are used to describe our escorts. They fairly burst with excitement and vitality and seem to thrive on meeting new people. Each of our escorts possesses an innate desire to help those that they are talking to feel comfortable and at ease in the situation. This is why our Phoenix Lucky escorts are so popular with our first time clients.

Regardless of how shy or nervous you are when you first meet one of our delectable ladies, they will soon have you unwinding, relaxing and chatting. After all, who can resist the attentions of one of the most beautiful women in the city? We will go ahead and put this out there as well. One of the reasons why some men have reservations and nervousness about hiring an escort is due to the discretion factor.

Whether you need to protect your reputation in the business world or in your personal life, you can put your worries about discretion away. The first thing that must be noted is that our escorts have a classy and sophisticated appearance. They dress in tasteful outfits that follow the latest trends in the fashion industry. Our lovely ladies have impeccable manners and are always on their best behavior.

The other side of the discretion coin is that our escorts will never divulge the information that they are escorts to anyone. Keeping your private information private is a key element in the way our escorts treat our clients. To that end, we make sure that each of our escorts is thoroughly background checked and screened. This step is to ensure the safety of both our escorts as well as our clients.

Do you think you have what it takes to be an exclusive Phoenix Lucky escort? While we do find many of our escorts simply by being at the right place at the right time, that does not mean that we are not open to being approach by those women who think they have what it takes to join our team.

Once you read over the points that we look for as outlined above, you will see that we set the bar very high here at Phoenix Lucky. We strive to be the top rated escort service in Phoenix and that starts with our escorts. If you meet our exacting criteria, we encourage you to contact us. We are always looking for hot babes who enjoy meeting men who appreciate their beauty, poise and personalities.

Ready to become a PhoenixLucky lady? Simply send us a message on our contact form, or call us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!



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